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Ultra-large Capacity HV Frequency Conversion Techn

Zhiguang Electric always performs as a domestic leader in the field of ultra-large capacity HV frequency conversion technology. Also, it has invented the HV frequency conversion speed tracking technology (i.e. "Fly a car start" technology) and is the first domestic entity that has passed the direct sudden short circuit test based on HV frequency converter output. With respect to the study and applications on the ultra-large capacity HV frequency conversion technology, Zhiguang has gradually become the challenging competitor of imported similar products in such technological fields as motor-operated feed pump for large-scaled thermal power units, combined induced draft fans, large-sized main exhausters of sintering, large-sized semi-autogenous mills, on-shore power supply, and soft starters for frequency conversion of an ultra-large capacity HV motors. Zhiguang-branded products have replaced imported similar ones in many domestically critical projects. Zhiguang has developed ultra-large capacity frequency converters modified with the energy conservation technology for motor-operated feed pumps of the domestic first 600MW power unit. It also keeps the record on the maximum altitude for the operation of ultra-large capacity frequency converter.
Currently, Zhiguang has demonstrably the largest number of applications in the modified variable-frequency motors of power above 5MW in China. Thanks to 30MVA maximum unit capacity for frequency conversion, the multi-generator parallel connection becomes possible, thus realizing the variable frequency drive for the 80MW high-voltage motors.

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