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Enrollment Large-capacity Direct HV Energy Storage Technology
Large-capacity Direct HV Energy Storage Technology

Zhiguang undertakes the development of the power conversion system (PCS) in National Pilot Project #863 (i.e. a battery energy storage station project of the megawatt level) for China Southern Power Grid Company Limited. As the world’s first direct HV energy conversion unit, this PCS represents an extremely high difficulty in development and unparalleled sophisticated technology. In the development process, our technical team has successfully solved many technical headaches, such as the power link cascade topological structure, battery phase and interphase SOC equalization, fault redundancy operation, and seamless switching between grid-connected and off-grid modes, etc. 
Zhiguang's direct ultra-large capacity HV energy storage system of the megawatt level sets a benchmark for domestic and foreign energy storage projects with respect to unit capacity and efficiency. It shows a feasible technical route for battery energy storage towards the 100MW level and opens a new chapter of technological research on battery cascade utilization.
This project is listed as one of "Top 10 Excellent Cases in Chinese Smart Energy Sector in 2015" and highly valued by the Ministry of Science and Technology and China Southern Power Grid Company Limited. In connection to this project, Zhiguang has been granted multiple inventions and utility model patents and software copyrights. Additionally, it is also highly acclaimed as an "internationally leading" project by the expert group of academicians.

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