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Intelligent Neutral Grounding Technology for Distr

By virtue of the high-power electric and electronic control technology, the Type KD-XH intelligent quick arc suppression system in the distribution network allows the philosophy of the high short circuit impedance transformer-based controlled reactor to be introduced to China for the first time and successfully applied into the controllable arc suppression coil. Besides, with our novel controller and small-perturbation small current grounding line selection technology developed and invented independently, we have been able to deal with the single phase-to-ground fault in the distribution network as well as the entire line selection process in a quite intelligent way. Such system is characterized by short response time, continuous and stepless regulation of offset current, highly accurate line selection, simple structure and easy maintenance, etc.
Through the parallel connection of a controllable arc suppression coil and controlled low resistance, Zhiguang has innovatively proposed a multi-mode neutral grounding device characterized by such grounding modes as arc suppression and low resistance. This proves to be a systematic solution to such problems as high trip-out rates in low-resistance grounding systems and difficulties in line selection in resonance grounding systems. As classified disposal is possible for both transient and permanent faults in grounding, it also ensures reliable and safe power supply appropriately.
It is accepted through the expert review that this product is a pioneer result in China and up to the leading domestic level. As the sole drafting unit, Zhiguang has taken the responsibility for drafting and formulating the Specification of Arc Suppressing Coil Apparatus with Automatic Follow Compensation, which is a technical standard for the power sector.


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