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Smart Power Technology

With the development of the distributed energy technology and based on further implementation of the electric power system reform and electric power sale policies, the energy connections will be the main structural pattern for the development of the future energy industry. The future regional power supply system must be a multi-structural power supply network simultaneously based on conventional power generation and multiple distributed energy generation modes. By integrating Zhiguang's years of valuable technologies, such as power conversion, energy storage, new energy generation and grid-connected control, integrated power quality governance, microgrid control, and intelligent power distribution monitoring, its smart power network technology solves a series of problems of the multi-structural power supply network, such as poor stability and power quality, due to multiple power sources, complex power supply structure and control, and large fluctuations in the power supply and load, etc. Furthermore, with the development thinking of the "Energy Internet" technology, it also offers users cost-effective, high-quality and stable smart electric power.

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