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Power Transmission and Control

Dedicated to the R&D of such high-end products as HV, UHV and specialty cables, Zhiguang has world leading test capabilities for R&D activities. Its family of 110 kV and 220 kV crosslinked polyethylene insulated cables are manufactured through a double-channel, triple extrusion, vertical, all-dry and crosslinking process. Such products have excellent performance and in particular, such indicators as eccentricity and magnitude of partial discharge are better than those specified in the national and IEC standards. Structured as a stereoscopic network, the crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) based insulators exhibit excellent electrical properties, good heat resistance and mechanical properties, easy cabling and erection, and protections from any impact due to the height difference. In particular, they can prevent from oil leakage and resulting fire hazards.As its production techniques have a wide range of applications in grids from 500 kV to 400 V, Zhiguang has become a leading supplier in the power transmission field.

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