Core technology Enrollment
Enrollment Pilot Plant Test & Industrialization
Pilot Plant Test & Industrialization

Electric Control:
1、Complete inspection and testing capabilities
R&D center in the electric control and power conservation engineering
Key laboratory for ultra-large capacity HV load testing
Laboratory for high-power electric and electronic LV load testing
Research laboratory for HV dynamic reactive power compensation technology
Research laboratory for technologies for neutral grounding in the grid
Laboratory for the electric control and EMC tests
Research laboratory for the electric and electronic application technology
Research laboratory for special transformers and reactors
Simulation laboratory for software systems
Research laboratory for the distributed energy and microgrid technology
2、Leading capability of industrialization
A 35,000 m2 base located in Yunbu can cover the entire manufacturing process of electric and electronic products. The ERP, MES and CRM production and management systems up to the international standards ensure the high quality of products and high service efficiency.


Power Transmission:
1、World-leading testing capabilities for R&D activities
Research laboratory for partial discharge and withstand voltage tests
Research laboratory for impact and thermal cycling tests
Testing center
Zhiguang has introduced a complete set of the world-leading Maillefer (Finland) 500 kV vertical crosslinking production line and the HAEFELY (Switzerland) high-voltage and partial discharge test system. It owns the state-of-the-art manufacturing, inspection and test apparatuses;
The 220 kV XLPE cable system developed by Zhiguang has passed the pre-qualification test as required by the Quality Inspection and Test Center for Electrical Equipment of Power Industry.

Pilot Plant Test & Industrialization


2、Fast-developing capability of industrialization
A 120,000 m2 base located in Lanhe Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou is built particularly for the R&D, manufacturing and marketing of such high-end products as HV, UHV and specialty cables;
Annual production capacity: for the electric power cables of 110 kV and above, approx. 1,200 km; and for those of 35 kV and below, approx. 2,000 km;
The quality and management level of new technologies, materials, equipment and processes have steady improvements.

Pilot Plant Test & Industrialization


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