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Large-capacity Energy Storage System

Date: 2015-04-20
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Zhiguang Electric Assisting CSPG in the Implementation of Its HV Large-capacity Energy Storage System


On April 9, 2015, the "Design, Monitoring, Control and Protection Technologies of Large-capacity Energy Storage Systems" project, undertaken by the China Southern Power Grid Company Limited ("CSPG") as one of subjects for the National #863 Program, was accepted by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The deliverables of this project were highly valued by the expert group. It was affirmed that such R&D deliverables fully represented the intent of the National #863 Program and set a good example for such program. These deliverables were in line with China's actual conditions and provided an innovative and forward-looking approach. Furthermore, this project provided substantial technological support for the rapid and sound development of the energy storage industry as an excellent model.
By virtue of its years of experience in HV high-power electric and electronic technologies, Guangzhou Zhiguang Electric Co., Ltd., as the designer and supplier of the PCS for such energy storage station, participated in the design, manufacturing, debugging and operation of such energy storage system. It also customized the 10 kV/2 MW ZG-PCS power conversion system, which was the core component of power control in such system.
Featuring a cascaded topological structure, such ZG-PCS can be connected to a 10 kV grid directly without any booster transformer. As the global first power conversion system directly connected to the 10 kV grid, it leads to the leapfrog development of the battery energy conversion technology. Based on the unique energy equalization control scheme, such ZG-PCS makes the independent regulation of each power link possible and leads to the equalization control for battery energy storage among three phases and within the single phase in a creative way. As a result, the overall technological level of such energy storage system has been improved significantly. Furthermore, the ZG-PCS with perfect online monitoring and protection capacities, also results in the real-time processing and uploading of key information in the PCS, thus ensuring stable system operation.
Various benefits of such ZG-PCS have been highlighted in the performance of this project, such as high power conversion efficiency, good EMC, rapid response and system stability. From the perspective of its development and operation, it has been tested and authenticated by several authorities. Its technical indicators have met or been beyond the overall requirements for such large-capacity energy storage system. All these have substantially supported the acceptance of the whole project.
In addition to the neutral grounding system in distribution networks, HV high-power variable frequency speed control system, and static var generator (SVG), the 10 kV/2 MW ZG-PCS power conversion system (PCS) is another complete large-capacity HV electric and electronic unit developed by Zhiguang. Its successful application has laid a solid technological foundation for Zhiguang's further development of high-power electric and electronic technologies as well as supporting facilities for this industry. It is also the technological inspiration for the future energy storage unit with 5-20 MW unit capacity.

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