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ZGLR Controlled Resistance Grounding System

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Product Description:
This controlled resistance grounding system consists of a controlled reactor and low resistance. It gives full play to the benefits of resonance and low resistance grounding technologies. In case of an earth fault on a distribution network, it can achieve perfect comprehensive troubleshooting based on the specific failure.
When a transient earth fault occurs on a distribution network, the controller calculates the required inductor current to be compensated according to the measurement of grid capacitive current and controls the output compensation current of the controlled reactor. Typically, after the inductor current is compensated for a transient earth fault, such fault disappears through arc-extinguishing grounding. Next, such system exits the compensation state and restores its normal operation. Consequently, the high trip-out rate, which occurs frequently in a low resistance grounding system (i.e. immediate tripping in case of fault), can be avoided.
In case of a permanent earth fault, the controlled reactor will be enabled immediately for compensation. When the grounding duration exceeds the setting time, the high-voltage switch will be off automatically with resistance applied to start line protections and eliminate failed lines by means of switch tripping.After that, such fault disappears. Arc suppression coils exit the compensation state automatically. The resistance switch is off automatically and exits the resistance mode. Then the system restores its normal operation. The application of resistance leads to the accurate and fast isolation of failed lines and avoids any secondary failure.
Basic Parameters:
System voltage grade: 6 kV, 10 kV, 35 kV
Resistor material: stainless steel alloy
Current regulation range: 0-100% rated current
Current regulation mode: stepless and continuous
Measuring error of capacitive current: ≤ 2%
Tracking time of capacitive current: ≤ 3s
Grounding information recording: 200 times, power-off protection available
Control mode:following-setting
Communication mode: RS-232, RS485, optional baud rate range between 1,200-9,600 bps
Cooling mode of primary equipment: AN or AF
Protection grade of primary equipment: IPXX
Working power supply of system controller: AC or DC (to be specified when ordering)
Technological Advantages:
Compared with products of other domestic manufacturers, this system features:
1. Integrating the advantages of low resistance and resonance grounding technologies, it achieves fast current compensation and arc extinguishing as well as accurate identification of transient and permanent earth faults. It ensures no tripping in case of a transient fault as well as fast isolation in case of a permanent fault.
2. The volt-ampere characteristics of the controlled reactor can ensure the perfect linearity within the rated voltage range between 0-110%, very fast response and low noise, without any rotating or transmission mechanism, on-load tap switch and contactor.
3. The resistor elements of stainless steel alloy imported from MS show good quality and temperature coefficient, optimal insulating properties, high-quality stainless steel, and a special and effective structure.
4. The high-speed digital signal processor (DSP) chip is used as its core arithmetic and control unit. Such chip is manufactured with the static CMOS integrated circuit processing technique. There is an advanced modified Harvard architecture in it. The program memory and data storage unit have separate busbars. A multistage pipeline architecture is also available. Thus, such chip features high speed, integration level, excellent interference immunity and reliability.
5. The application of multiple 14-bit A/D multiplexed conversion chips ensures the high sampling frequency, rate and calculation accuracy.
6. Its boards show the optimal hardware design and communicate with any external electrical device via the optoelectronic isolator to effectively prevent external interference.
7. The DC/AC power supply is available to protect it from any impact of the power supply. Such system features self-check, fault alarm, self-debugging, simple debugging and minimum maintenance.


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