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ZG-dSVC HV Dynamic Static Var Compensator (SVC)

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Product Overview
ZG-dSVC HV dynamic SVC is developed by Zhiguang Electric's R&D team with Tsinghua University relying on its technologies and experience in high-power electric and electronic apparatuses, HV reactive power automatic compensation control, and power automation.
Such SVC has passed the type test performed by the national authority and has been successfully applied in metallurgical, coal, and wind power generation industries.
Principle & Construction of ZG-dSVC
According to the compensation theory, SVC is divided into the magnetically controlled reactor (MCR) and the thyristor controlled reactor (TCR). Such TCR-type SVC features fast speed control, low noise and loss. ZG-dSVC dynamic SVC adopts such TCR scheme.
Such ZG-dSVC consists of a full digital control system, a thyristor controlled reactor (TCR), a filter capacitor bank and a cooling system, as shown in Fig. 1.
Technical Performance & Features of ZG-dSVC
Major functions of ZG-dSVC:
1. Improve the electric power system stability and the grid transmission capacity;
2. Suppress voltage fluctuation and flicker, and improve the power quality;
3. Dynamically compensate reactive power and improve the power factor;
4. Filter harmonics and solve related issues; and
5. Reduce the loss of transformers and transmission lines, and save power.



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