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With the development of distributed energy technologies, more importance has been attached to the microgrid study. As a basic unit of the Internet of Energy, a basic "Energy LAN" is set up throughout the entire process of energy collection, conversion, integration, storage and consumption. To guarantee the efficient and safe transfer of energy information, the energy router is a standard and software-definable routing control system of such information. It also serves as the core control unit of the Internet of Energy. For applications of electric power, the microgrids controlled by such energy router need a complete range of AC/DC transmission, power storage and conversion, electric and electronic control, data acquisition and processing technologies to realize self-regulated intelligent microgrid systems. This is an important development direction of smart energy.
In a specific microgrid system integrated with multiple power supply systems (e.g. wind and PV), electric power will be supplied to diversified loads (including electric and electronic loads, such as charging pile) according to the proximity principle. Multiple power network structures will co-exist in such system. Compared with the existing grid structure, such microgrid features multiple power supply types, complex power structure and control, and great fluctuations in power and load. However, the microgrid has such weaknesses as poor stability and power quality. Therefore, it is required to appropriately control and regulate such microgrid to ensure its stable operation and high power quality. This is a critical technical guarantee for the microgrid.


Smart Distribution Monitoring System
Cloud Platform of Smart Distribution & Maintenance Agent + Smart Power Management Platform + Smart Power Manager
For the smart power network solution, the cloud platform of smart distribution and maintenance agent (cloud system of remote maintenance agent), the smart power management platform (PC-end monitoring system) and the smart power manager (mobile APP for monitoring) are its "Brain" (control platform) and "Eyes" (monitoring platform). These three systems operate together and are integrated with Zhiguang Electric's full-voltage product lines to form such smart power network solution.


Power Conversion and Transmission Product Family
I. ZG-dPCS Energy Storage Converter
1. Battery energy storage system (ZG-ESS)
2. Mobile energy storage system (ZG-ESS-M)
3. Emergency power system (ZG-EPS)
4. Customization and R&D of DC/DC, DC/AC, AC/DC power converters and special electric and electronic devices

II. Regenerative Braking System for Rail Transit
It is used for the automobile electric braking energy regeneration in the urban rail transit. Based on the mature application of its three-level converter with topological structure, Zhiguang Electric has developed such DC 750 - 1500 regenerative braking system for the optimal energy conservation in the rail transit.

III. Zhiguang's PV Substation (ZG-PVX-500kW/1000kW/1250kW)
It is integrated with an LV AC/DC power distribution cabinet, PV inverter, booster transformer and HV grid cabinet as the main circuit for inversion and boosting, as well as Zhiguang's smart local monitoring system and ZG-PQC integrated electric power quality governance system. With the distribution network dispatch management system, such substation can provide a one-stop solution for technical issues in the PV power generation system, such as power transfer, power quality adjustment, smart monitoring and dispatching, power plant operation and maintenance. Therefore, it can easily realize the flexible seamless connection between PV power generation and an HV large power grid.

LV Power Network Control Product Family
ZG-dEMS Central Control System for Microgrids
Such system is key to the microgrid control.It is an integrated control system for integrating clean, renewable, distributed and traditional energy in a microgrid. It ensures the safe, stable and cost-effective operation of the microgrid power network system.
Central control of microgrids and LV power networks
Performance features
• It can achieve the microgrid power network with multiple energy sources, as well as the optimal control of a public grid for parallel operation/off-grid and many other purposes.
• It executes the optimal control of multiple targets for a grid, including plans for power generation with PV, wind, stored energy and diesel generators.
• It controls multiple types of energy and equipment in a coordinated manner, including: a) the coordinated control of generators of various new and conventional energy (e.g. PV, wind, diesel); b) the master-slave control and droop control of diversified converters; and c) the control of sensitive and non-sensitive loads.
• It performs the power flow control, active and reactive power control, integrated electric power quality governance, and switching control of parallel operation/off-grid (public grid) with respect to microgrids.
• It can achieve the comprehensive equilibrium, rational allocation and optimal dispatching between energy sources and loads in a microgrid.
• Its visual interface contributes to the energy planning, monitoring, statistical and energy consumption analysis, and measuring apparatus management in a microgrid.


2016 - 05 - 11
This microgrid of Shenzhen Bay Technology and Ecology Park for the National Pilot Project #863 is located in the Shenzhen High-tech Industrial Park. It is an integrated user-side microgrid pilot project for commercial residential and office buildings. This project involves four PV-ESS sub-microgrids. In this project, four 3-phase PCS (ZG-PCS-20/380, 20 kW rated power per unit, 380 V rated voltage)...
2016 - 04 - 11
Mobile Packaged Substation Solution for Petroleum Drilling and Production of Tuha&Karamay Oilfields  Zhiguang Electric offers the customized mobile packaged substation solution for the petroleum drilling and production machinery of the Tuha and Karamay Oilfields. Such mobile packaged substation consists of a DC speed control system, a power system and a power quality control solution...
2017 - 05 - 11
The PV-ESS (Photovoltaic Panels (PV) and Energy Storage Systems (ESS)) Microgrid Project of Lingnan Cable Works is located in the Lingnan Cable Works in Guangzhou. It is equipped with 2 MWh batteries and Zhiguang's two 3-phase PCS (125 kW rated power per unit, 380 V rated voltage). They can achieve the peak load shifting, smooth the output of PV systems and improve the power supply reliability.As ...
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