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ZGMNGR Intelligent Multi-mode Grounding System

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Product Overview
ZGMNGR multi-mode grounding system is fully integrated with arc suppression coil and low resistance grounding systems. It eliminates the weaknesses of such two conventional systems and gives full play to their respective advantages. Thus, it proves to be a novel neutral grounding system for distribution networks.
After compensation by arc suppression coils in ZGMNGR multi-mode grounding system, any transient earth fault can be recovered. In case of a permanent earth fault, the controlled low resistance is applied upon compensation after the defined delay time, and then significant characteristic values are generated for protective tripping and fault locating.
Technical Features
1. Such system ensures accurate isolation of earth faults. With intense characteristic signals generated after application of the controlled resistor, it can directly skip the grounding line through the protective device to accurately detect and distinguish the faulty grounding line.
2. It ensures normal operation of the intelligent terminal on a distribution network. It controls the controllable characteristic signals generated after switching of the controlled resistor, so that the intelligent terminal is enabled to accurate locate such earth fault.
3. It reduces the overvoltage level. The controlled low resistance is applied in this intelligent multi-mode grounding system, so that the power frequency overvoltage in the system will not last for a long period in case of an earth fault. It reduces the system requirement for withstand voltage level and thus is helpful for equipment safety.
4. It significantly reduces the trip-out rate of the low-resistance grounding system.
The intelligent multi-mode grounding system uses arc suppression coils for transient fault compensation. In this way, transient faults, amounting to over 90% of earth faults, can be eliminated without tripping. It significantly reduces the trip-out rate, especially the high trip-out rate in low-resistance grounding systems, thus ensuring reliable power supply.
5. Featuring a small area and diversified installation types, such system is quite suitable for the renovation of existing equipment.
Technical Indicators
1. Quenching time: < 5 ms
2. Residual ground current: < 2 A
3. Offset differential current: non-differential
4. Volt-ampere characteristics: linearity reserve of 0-110% rated voltage
5. Regulation range: 0-100% rated current
6. Dynamic regulation: available
7. Operation mode of reactor: following-setting
8. Tripping accuracy: above 95%
9. Times of grounding data storage: > 500 times
10. Resistance input time: programmable

2017 - 05 - 24
The 110 kV Baishi Substation of Zhongshan Power Supply Bureau has three main transformers and four 10 kV busbar sections, among which 2AM and 2BM busbar sections operate in parallel. Currently, its eighteen 10 kV outgoing lines (and 17 lines for standby) consist of overhead lines and cables.Before renovation, there were three arc suppression coils, among which two were of the multi-tap type and on...
2016 - 05 - 24
In a city of Zhejiang, a system upgrading project from 10 kV to 20 kV has been completely implemented since 2011. Instead, the low-resistance grounding systems are applied. However, the earth fault tripping occurred frequently due to serious accidents arising from birds. The customers in the chemical fiber industry required a lot for the power supply quality, but short-time power failure had great...
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