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We have a wide range of qualifications, such as Grade B for the design of projects (e.g. wind power, new energy, power distribution and transformation) and for engineering survey, as well as Grade C for consultancy of thermal power and building projects. We have passed the management system certifications of ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. Thus, we are qualified to undertake the projects regarding thermal, wind and new energy-based power generation, grid and communication works, consultancy for feasibility study and evaluation of building works, engineering and design services.
Key Businesses:
Feasibility studies, preliminary designs, shop and as-built drawing designs of 50 MW - 600 MW power generation unit projects
Feasibility studies, preliminary designs, shop and as-built drawing designs of 10 kV - 500 kV power transmission and transformation projects
Design services of 10 kV distribution network and customer engineering projects
Design services of new energy and wind power generation projects

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