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Practice of the "Integrated Earth Fault Solution" for the 110 kV Substation

The 110 kV Dalong Substation in Dongguan has three main transformers and four busbar sections. Currently, the sixteen 10 kV outgoing lines (total length about 100 km) consist of overhead lines and cables. Three KD-XH01-315 / Model 10.5 quick arc suppression systems (including two smart detectors for the earth fault of Type DDS distribution network) are installed in this substation. In this way, the integrated earth fault solution is available for the 10 kV distribution network.
It had operated for more than three years from October 2002 to the beginning of 2006. In the first year, only line selection rather than automatic trip was tentatively conducted as planned. The automatic trip has been enabled since January 7, 2004, with 10s as provisional trip time.
Based on its operations in three years, it is clearly demonstrated that this solution can lead to quick arc suppression, quick and accurate line selection as well as fast-trip even under harsh conditions, such as low capacitive current, high resistance grounding, and unstable voltage or current in grounding, or in case of capacitive current varying in a large range.

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