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ZG-dPQC Integrated Flexible Power Quality Control

On December 17, 2015, the new-generation integrated flexible power quality control unit (ZG-dPQC) independently developed by Zhiguang was successfully put into operation in one shot in an exhibition center of Dalian.

The power supply and distribution system in such exhibition center is a three-phase and five-wire system with two LV busbar sections. It mainly consists of two 10 kV/0.4 kV-1600 KVA distribution transformers, two 400 V/250 A ZG-dPQC units, various lighting, exhausters, blowers, pumps, security and protection devices, air conditioners, lifts and similar electric loads. Thanks to the successful operation of Zhiguang's large-capacity ZG-dPQC, the parameters related to the power quality of such distribution network satisfy the designated standards. This also ensures the safe, reliable and efficient operation of the power supply and distribution system in the planning center.

Based on the ip-iq/DFT/TTA/FBD multi-algorithm detection technology and the tracking control technology for current recombination, Zhiguang's high-performance ZG-dPQC is equipped with the dual DSP+FPGA digital control system with robust control and computation features. Accordingly, it can solve various issues related to the power quality in a real-time, accurate and efficient manner, such as harmonic, reactive, negative sequence/zero sequence current, voltage fluctuation and flicker.

ZG-dPQC is a stable, useful, high-performance, flexible and smart distribution network compensation unit developed by Zhiguang Electric by breaking technological barriers in the industrialization of power quality control devices regarding volume, heat dissipation, cost, free of maintenance, EMC, safety and reliability. It is a turnkey solution for power quality control, energy saving and efficiency improvement of distribution networks.

In addition to the neutral grounding system in distribution networks, HV high-power variable frequency speed control system, static var generator (SVG) and power conversion system (PCS), such flexible integrated power quality control unit (ZG-dPQC) is another complete electric and electronic unit developed by Zhiguang. Its successful application has laid a solid technological foundation for Zhiguang's further development of electric and electronic technologies as well as supporting facilities for this industry.

ZG-dPQC Integrated Flexible Power Quality Control


ZG-dPQC Integrated Flexible Power Quality Control



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