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Energy Saving
时间: 2011 - 03 - 12
With the continuous improvement of the market economy system, the majority of domestic enterprises are facing increasingly fierce competition in the global market. Many of them are experiencing profit declines. In this regard, the only feasible way is to further expand the market and strengthen cost control. Among various costs of industrial enterprises, the power charge has become the third or fourth highest costs after material and labor costs. Especially for those with high energy consumption...
时间: 2012 - 05 - 12
(一)Technical renovation of steam turbines for flow path and consumption reduction    (二)DCS system optimization      (三)Energy conservation of the plant power system (energy conservation of large-sized blowers and pump motor systems)    (四)Absorption and utilization of waste heat from power plants
时间: 2017 - 05 - 12
(一)Intelligent distribution networks, microgrids and integrated energy systems    (二)Distributed energy systems (DES)  Power generation with waste heatPower generation with residual pressurePower generation with waste steamOptimal utilization of gas distributed energy and regional energy        (三)New energy accessibility     》》Solution for Gas DES        Operating Princip...
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