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Grid Control
时间: 1999 - 05 - 09
Product Description: Type KD-XH quick arc suppression system for distribution networks consists of a grounding transformer, arc suppression coils, a control cabinet and a central data display. The arc suppression coils are complete with primary and secondary windings, with 100% short-circuit impedance. The primary winding is connected to the neutral point of the distribution network as operating winding, while the secondary winding is connected backwards to two silicon controlled rectifiers (SCR...
时间: 2001 - 05 - 10
With neutral grounding via an arc suppression coil, the transient single-phase earth faults can be accurately identified to quickly enter and exit the offset mode. For non-instantaneous single-phase earth faults, the grounded lines can be accurately determined according to the set time to eliminate failed lines and improve the power supply reliability of the grid.   Technology Overview: Our KD-XHTZ multi-tap arc suppression coil apparatus with automatic follow compensation contain...
时间: 2003 - 05 - 10
With the recent development of distribution systems and further renovation of urban and rural distribution networks, numerous cables have replaced previous overhead transmission lines. To a certain extent, the decrease in the probability of single-phase earth faults reduces the high trip-out rate arising from low-resistance grounding systems. However, the high line selection accuracy of such low-resistance grounding systems are accepted by the majority of users. Consequently, they still have a w...
时间: 2015 - 05 - 24
Product OverviewZGMNGR multi-mode grounding system is fully integrated with arc suppression coil and low resistance grounding systems. It eliminates the weaknesses of such two conventional systems and gives full play to their respective advantages. Thus, it proves to be a novel neutral grounding system for distribution networks. After compensation by arc suppression coils in ZGMNGR multi-mode grounding system, any transient earth fault can be recovered. In case of a permanent earth fault, the co...
时间: 2004 - 05 - 10
Product Description: This controlled resistance grounding system consists of a controlled reactor and low resistance. It gives full play to the benefits of resonance and low resistance grounding technologies. In case of an earth fault on a distribution network, it can achieve perfect comprehensive troubleshooting based on the specific failure.When a transient earth fault occurs on a distribution network, the controller calculates the required inductor current to be compensated according to the m...
时间: 2005 - 02 - 10
Product Description:1. Grounding line selectionSuch detector can achieve the single-phase grounding line selection of the 3 kV - 66 kV isolated neutral system or the neutral grounding system of resistance and arc suppression coils. Its operation mode is free from the system operation mode and ground overcurrent resistance.2. DisplayIt has the data displayed in Chinese, including real-time clock (RTC), detector operation state, system configuration parameters, busbar or line sequence numbers of e...
时间: 2010 - 05 - 10
Product OverviewZG-dSVC HV dynamic SVC is developed by Zhiguang Electric's R&D team with Tsinghua University relying on its technologies and experience in high-power electric and electronic apparatuses, HV reactive power automatic compensation control, and power automation. Such SVC has passed the type test performed by the national authority and has been successfully applied in metallurgical, coal, and wind power generation industries.        Principle & Co...
时间: 2014 - 05 - 10
Product Description: As our latest SVG product for distribution networks, ZG-dSVG has an H-bridge cascaded topological structure as its main topology control unit. It provides reactive power for grids by controlling the ON/OFF state of electric and electronic devices. Compared with conventional SVG products depending on reactors and capacitors, ZG-dSVG features less loss, faster response and better compensation effect, and significantly improves the reactive power compensation technology for dis...
时间: 2014 - 05 - 11
With the development of distributed energy technologies, more importance has been attached to the microgrid study. As a basic unit of the Internet of Energy, a basic "Energy LAN" is set up throughout the entire process of energy collection, conversion, integration, storage and consumption. To guarantee the efficient and safe transfer of energy information, the energy router is a standard and software-definable routing control system of such information. It also serves as the core contr...
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